Rudiments of Music Theory as it Pertains to the Mountain Dulcimer

My attempt to provide some basics of music theory


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Pointers for playing with a quill

Need pointers for playing with a quill
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Turkey Quill Prep by Kendra Ward

Quill tutorial by Bobby Ratliff

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Here’s a graphic from Dulcimer Players News, 1976 Vol 2 No 4

1976 Vol 2 No 4 c feather-quill

The mountain dulcimer is played by ear…

Bittersweet Magazine
Volume I, No. 2, Winter 1973
Playing The Modern Dulcimer
by Jim Baldwin

“The mountain dulcimer is played by ear. What little music there is available for it has only recently been prepared for the beginner to learn on. When he learns how to tune for different modes or keys, the position of the notes on the fretboard for each mode, the basic strum and thumbing techniques, and if desired the more modern picking and chording methods, he will then throw away books and music and play the music as he feels it.

“Part of the beauty of the dulcimer is that it is relatively easy to play….”

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